Our Background

The National Cooperative Housing Union (NACHU) is the national body for registered primary housing cooperatives. Formed in 1979, and started operations in 1987. we work to provide affordable and decent housing to Kenyans within the low and modest income communities. NACHU is registered under the Co-operative Societies Act (Cap 490) and is managed under the internationally recognized co-operative principles.

Originally set up as a technical service organization, it became member-driven and controlled by democratic governance structures. Today, NACHU has become a leading organization in the provision of housing micro-finance, capacity building and technical services.

Currently there are more than 800 housing cooperatives affiliated with NACHU, projecting to have more than 1,265 active PHCs by 2019. Currently NACHU has presence in eight (8) operational regions of Kenya, reaching at least 38 counties.

Our Philosophy

To build a society with affordable, decent and adequate shelter globally.

To contribute to the improvement of shelter and quality of life to the low- income communities through the provision of training, education, Technical, and financial services on a sustainable basis.

Our Values

  1. Cooperation and Participation
  2. Honesty and Integrity
  3. Transparency and  Accountability
  4. Commitment and Teamwork
  5. Innovation and Creativity
  6. Respect and Discipline
  7. Quality Services.

Our Team