Awards & Recognition


On 10th, November, 2016, we were feted ” For the great contribution towards Sustainable Development, Planning,

Investments and Entrepreneurship” by  ‘ TOWN AND COUNTY PLANNERS ASSOCIATION OF KENYA’.

Most sincere appreciations extends to our NACHU family which includes the Membership, the management, staff and the board for having played a significant role in the realization of this success. Live long NACHU Family.


UN-Habitat, Dubai International Award for Best Practices

Awarded for “outstanding contributions” to improving the quality of life in the cities and communities of Kenya


Best Exhibition in Provision of affordable shelter solutions to the urban poor during the National Urban Forum

Ministry of Housing Best Practice in Human Settlements


Recognition for Best Practice in the area of Shelter Delivery for the Low Income and Housing Micro Finance from:

Canadian Housing Renewal Association (CHRA)
International Cooperatives Alliance (ICA)