Nachu Plaza

The project will is located in Upper Hill area, now the premier and modern financial hub for East Africa. The government has reviewed the Masterplan for Upper Hill to improve and expand the roads and infrastructure in order to accommodate the increased interest from global institutions. The Buildings in the area have attracted some of the highest rates per square foot in the country. Most of the key institutions are having their headquarters in Upper hill:
NACHU Plaza Description
The building is to replace current NACHU offices. It Comprise 18 storeys as follows:-
a) Banking Hall – Ground Floor
b) Parking Space – 6 No. lower floors
c) Office Space & – 9 No. upper floors
d) Meeting Rooms – 1No. (top) floor

Sale of Office Space
4No. Office floors available for sale @ Ksh. 145,000 per m2.
Parking lots available for sale @ Kshs. 1,000,000 per lot.

Current Status:
Construction in practical completion
Completion scheduled for july 2016

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