Housing Sector Solutions

In the urban areas, 84% of Kenyans
rent houses while only 16%
own their own homes.

NACHU provides access to affordable finances through:

-Savings Mobilization from Communities
-Financial Management Training
-Housing and Resettlement Loans
-Infrastructure and Income Generating Loans
-Business and Education Loans
-Financial Risk Management

Our Focus Areas

Housing Sector

Due to the recent increase in population growth and urbanization, the Kenyan housing sector has been unable to provide sufficient affordable housing to its residents.

Lobbying & Advocacy

Kenya lacks sound legislation on housing and cooperative housing rights and policies. Furthermore, prohibitive interest rates on bank loans for development partnered

Gender Equality

In Kenya, disparities in access to resources and services create different challenges to attain adequate housing for men and women.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Individuals both infected and affected by HIV and AIDS can have difficulty acquiring adequate housing, earning an income or caring for a family without the appropriate support and information.

Cooperation and Participation, Honesty and Integrity, Transparency and Accountability, Commitment and Teamwork

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What others say about us

“It is a fact that NACHU is a reliable union in the provision of affordable and decent housing to Kenyans within the low and modest income communities”

Joseph KaranjaNairobi

“The team at NACHU is dedicated in its responsibility of advocacy,lobbying and networking.It is a union to be trusted”

Esther MwikaliKitui