Our New Home Opens The Door To An Expanded Mandate In The Provision Of Affordable Housing

Our new home opens the door to an expanded mandate in the provision of affordable housing



I am delighted for the inauguration of our brand new building in Nairobi’s Upper Hill business hub. This is a momentous accomplishment that will open the door for continuing and expanding the NACHU mandate in the provision of affordable housing.

As we inaugurate this modern building, we owe it to our affiliated housing cooperatives who have confirmed their trust in us even in difficult market conditions, and have continued to patronize our products. I wish also to recognize the extraordinary diversity of men and women who came together to produce this remarkable project. We had planners and financiers, engineers and architects, suppliers and contractors, consultants, construction workers, our staff, the board and our neighborhood. This is a special moment for many of us as our long anticipated dreams have come true. 

The development of NACHU Plaza has been a journey worthy walking. For over 18 years, NACHU bought an old colonial Bungalow that served as our headquarters; in which we share many good memories of laying a strong foundation to play a big role in housing delivery through provision of capacity building and technical and financial services to the housing co-operative sector and other co- operatives. After a number of years strategising on how to structure the funding for developing of the Plaza, in November 2014, we succeeded. 

The foundation stone was laid and the main construction works started. We are glad that the building is now complete and occupied. Our thanks go to our Almighty God and all those who supported us in different capacities. NACHU is a leading affordable housing provider in Kenya, delivering strong growth in housing solutions to transform people’s lives. NACHU’s mission is to contribute to improved shelter and quality of life for modest and low income communities through access to capacity development, technical services and financial solutions. 

NACHU being a national organisation with a growing footprint, ensures that it understands and works within the parameters of local conditions, managing all risks effectively. NACHU has the ability to swiftly redeploy resources to any strategic region within the 47 counties to meet clients’ requirements and to optimize all opportunities. Over the last one year, we have invested significantly in our institutional capabilities to drive our ambitious growth, customer and stakeholder’s excellence service. We remain focused on implementing our strategy in a dynamic environment, maintaining a strong stakeholder value focus and employing informed resource allocation that will ensure NACHU achieves its strategic initiatives. 

NACHU’s future plans are anchored on the success of previous models that enabled us realize delivery of over 2,000 housing units in four years and facility financial and technical support to housing cooperatives to invest in the urban space through development of both rental housing and commercial development. NACHU growth plans are intended to spur supply of affordable housing across the cooperative movement through an inter-mediation that will bring together quality-led organisations with a strong record of success to form strategic partnerships across the co-operative movement, aimed at accelerating the construction, production and commercialization of affordable housing at a scale. 

Through this process, NACHU and the wider co-operative sector will deliver a target of 25 percent of the expected sector contribution to the Government’s Affordable Housing delivery strategy by year 2023 as part of the Big 4 Agenda of the Government to house Kenyans for economic development and prosperity. NACHU delivery will continue to cover many counties in our beautiful country, Kenya. 

We are indeed proud to be Kenyans supporting Kenya. In the affordable housing sector, our goal is to understand the priorities and needs of our stakeholders and to provide high quality service. We will use this new working environment to prove to our stakeholders that we are up to this task and strive to continue to merit their trust.

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